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We provide the following Air Cargo services:

  • Air Freight Consolidation Services
       By consolidating shipments from our other customers, we are able to reduce the rate for your shipments. The benefit of using this method is that the shipments are controlled by our overseas agents and we are to track these shipments to the consignees door

  • Air Freight Direct Services
       Shipments which move via this method are put on the next available flight which ensures faster service. In this case it is important for your overseas customer to be aware of the Airway Bill Number as well as the flights. It is the responsibility of your customer to arrange customs clearance and make delivey.

  • Complete Export Documentation Preparation
       Because of the laws and regulations set forth by the U.S. Government, we must conform to all U.S. Export Regulations. It is your primary conern to be aware of any regulations before making any international shipments. We are here to help if you should have any questions.

  • Warehousing and Crating
       We can provide warehousing and crating of your shipments at your request. Our staff is ready to assist and ensure that your shipments are packed appropriately to withstand Air / Ocean transportation.

  • Extensive Overseas Agents Network
       With our Overseas Agent Network, you can be assured that your shipments will be handled in the most efficient possible. We are also able to assist with overseas customs customs clearance and delivery of your cargo. We can also arrange shipments from overseas to almost anywhere in the world.

  • Specialists in Russia and the CIS Countries
       In addition to our Overseas Agent Network, we have our own offices in Moscow, Russia and in the port of Odessa, Ukraine. With our office in Moscow, we are able to provide delivery to anywhere in Russia and the C.I.S. countries.

  • Russian Spoken Fluently
       Our staff is able to speak the Russan language. This is a major benefit for your company should you have any questions or concerns for shipping into this part of the world.

  • Cargo Insurance
       Our office is ready provide cargo insurance for your shipments. This will be done by our insurance provider and in most cases coverage will be provided on door to door basis. In some cases the insurance coverage ceases at the airport.

  • Letter of Credit Services
       If you contract with your overseas customers requires you to ship under these terms, we are able to meet and process these shipments under the terms and conditions required by this document. This instrument ensures payment for the goods.

  • Country Wide Pickup and Delivery Services
       With our network of local and long distance trucking companies, we are able to assist with your transportation needs. Due to our large volume of business, you can be assured of the best service along with the best prices.

  • Exhibitions/ Trade Shows
       These type of shipments require special handling and documentation.Our staff is fully trained to understand the logistics required in order to make exhibition successful.

  • Hazardous Goods
       Dangerous goods are articles or substances which are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety or to property when transported by air. The handling and shipping of these types of commodities must meet strict guidelines set forth by the International Air Transport Authority,

Because of our training, we are certified in the handling of these types of shipments.



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