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Ocean Freight Services

  • Full Container Load (FCL)
    There are many different types of Ocean container in use today. The range from standard 20' & 40" containers to High Cubes, Open Tops, Flat Racks, and refrigerated.
    Each container has a specific use depending on the commodity being loaded.
  • Less than Container Load (LCL)
    These types of shipments consists of much less space being used
    in a container. Shipments under the "LCL" terminology are
    calculated at a minimum of 1 cubic meter or 1000 kgs.
    For shipments over 10 CBM discounts usually apply.
  • Refrigerated Containers
    We can arrange for the pickup and delivery of refrigerated containers to ensure that your perishable commodities stay at the appropiate temperature to ensure freshness.
    We utilize both Electric and Diesel units.
  • On-Carriage
    In addition to our Port to Port service, we also arrange for the on-carriage of the container to the consignees door. This can be to a great advantage for the consignee as in many cases the Port of unloading is different from the delivery address.
    This includes anywhere in Russia, Siberia or any C.I.S.Countries.
  • Vehicles
    Our services include moving vehicles such as Cars, Trucks, Boats and Farm Equipment, We can load
    1 car into a 20'and 2 cars into a 40'. Also, there is a possibility to load 3 cars or SUV's into a 40' depending on the make, model and year of the car.
  • Ro-Ro Service
    This type of service is also available for cars, trucks, Boats, and Oversize or Overweight Equipment. These type of shipments are not loaded into any container. They are rolled on and rolled off (Ro-Ro) the vessel. We have direct east coast service to
    St. Petersburg, transit time 20 days.
  • Customs Clearance in Russia and Ukraine
    Because of having offices in these areas, we are able to assisst with the document requirments and customs clearance procedures. Please call or e-mail if you have any questions.
  • Letter of Credit
    We will be able to help you at the time of shipment.
  • Booking
    Please call 48 hours before the shipment will be ready to go. You have to provide: EIN# Full description of cargo and MSDS if hazardous.
  • Ocean Consulting and Quote
    Please call or email your information and you will have full estimate.



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